Mark J. Monaco, Esq. Immigration Attorney

 Dos And Don’ts For a Green Card Interview

So you have decided to stay in the country of your current temporary residence or employment and are thinking of applying for permanent residency or a green card. Well taking the decision is not enough as there lies a lengthy immigration process and a grilling green card interview between you and that much wanted green card.  The first advice that will help you at this step is to either look for the best immigration lawyer in town or search for a green card attorney with specialized knowledge of green card interview and the immigration process. If you still haven’t found any of these, then you can follow the following dos and don’ts to do well at the green card interview:

•    The first thing that you must remember is to take all the needed paperwork with you, with due attestations and attachments.  Some of the paperwork that you must carry with you for sure includes up to date financial information and bank account statements, a valid ID, address proof, birth proof, employment proof and other required paperwork. Make sure you find out all the needed documents beforehand and get them ready.
•    Another thing that you must do is to dress and properly for the interview. Your dressing might make an impression on the interviewer and you surely want that impression to be a good one.
•    Do stay calm during the interview and before it and try answering the questions slowly and clearly.

•    The first ‘don’t’ that you might want to follow is to not go unprepared.  If you are getting a green card on the basis of marriage, then make sure you and your partner are on the same page and your responses are matched.  If the green card application is on the basis of employment, then even in that case, you should be well prepared with answers relating to your career.

•    Make it a point to not seem aggressive or defensive during the interview. Your answers must be direct but honest and any defensive approach may pull you farther from getting the green card. The interviewer definitely doesn’t want to doubt your request and for that he/she wants to see the honest side of you.

If you hire a green card attorney beforehand, then he/she can help you in preparing for the interview and might help you prepare for some of the frequently asked questions. With the help of the best immigration lawyer,you can crack the interview without any major problems and with support of the correct and complete paperwork. But this in no way means that without an attorney, getting the needed immigration or green card is absolutely impossible. Many individuals go through the entire process on their own just by having proper knowledge and information about the needed documents and other support items. If you are looking for an immigration attorney to guide you in the process of immigration, you can log on to Marklawimmigrant and find yourself affordable expert services.